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Development Update — 06/09/2021

Over the past few months, the development team has been hard at work providing a route for Phore users to redeem Graphene tokens to be airdropped to holders on Binance Smart Chain.

Smart Contract — 100% Completed

Enabling users to redeem tokens on a different blockchain is by no means easy and certainly isn’t as simple as building a Smart Contract and pressing ‘Go’ — the Smart Contract is just one of many steps.

Back End System (dApp) — 100% Completed

Providing users with a safe and secure way to claim Graphene tokens is vital. We’re extremely happy with our achievements in this respect.

Front End Interface — 100% Completed

Every back end needs a front end!

Phore has users from all over the world and we have to cater to this by providing an interface that is clean and simple to use by everybody. It isn’t possible to distribute Graphene in a decentralized way unless users are able to redeem Graphene themselves.

Phore Core Wallet Changes — In Progress (~90%)

Users wishing to redeem Graphene tokens will have to interact with both the wallet and the dApp.

As mentioned above, given our userbase is global, and users have different levels of competence when using technology, we needed to ensure there is a simple way for the wallet to provide users with the information they need to redeem their Graphene tokens.

The changes made to the Phore Core Wallet have been completed but are still to be thoroughly tested.

Smart Contract Audit — In Progress (~90%)

Protecting user funds is a major priority of the Phore and Graphene teams.

There have been many cases of poorly written Smart Contracts getting hacked, and although we have very high-quality development standards, internal testing isn’t enough to satisfy us.

In order to ensure the future of the project and that user funds are safe, an external auditor was hired — at significant expense.

The auditors are in the final stages and we are expecting them to have completed any day now!

Providing the testing and audit go smoothly, we should see BSC Graphene within 3 weeks!

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